Presentation & role

The Institut Carnot MERs (Marine Engineering Research for sustainable, safe and smart seas) aims to meet the expectations generated by the major economic and societal challenges of the blue economy.

Supported by collaboration between Ifremer and Centrale Nantes and associated with the Universities of Nantes, Bretagne Ouest and Bretagne Sud and the CNRS, the IC MERs aims to drive the sustainable, safe and smart development of maritime activities.
IC MERs involves 13 research units and laboratories leading research and innovation in both upstream (studies, construction and maintenance) and downstream (operating, decommissioning) projects in five fields of the maritime sector:
  • Shipbuilding,
  • offshore,
  • marine renewable energy,
  • fishing, aquaculture and seafood products,
  • the nautical industry.

The laboratories involved are present all along the French maritime frontage and already largely contribute to the ecosystems of the sectors of Further Education and Research and to those of the French maritime industry. This industry is already worth 56 billion euros and employs nearly 170 000 people in France.
The IC MERs is uniquely positioned to offer innovative technological solutions that fully respect the marine environment as one-third of its drive force is dedicated to studying marine ecosystems and the development of innovation for their preservation.

IC MERs conducts work on:
  • the performance of offshore structures,
  • minimizing the impact of these constructions on marine ecosystems,
  • the impact of the marine environment on these structures,
  • the emergence of new responsible sectors, harnessing ocean resources.

In line with its ambition to be an instigator in the growth of the blue economy and in cooperation with FIMER (Filière des Industriels de la Mer – Industrial Maritime Sector), IC MERs aims to contribute to making the ocean a new development opportunity for the entire Carnot network.

Published on April 9, 2020 Updated on November 16, 2021