Call 2021 for Resourcing Projects of the Carnot Institute MERS

The 2021 Call for Projects aims to collect, analyse and select resourcing projects that will benefit from the repayment of a part of the 2020 Institute Carnot MERS (iC MERS) revenue allocation. This call is the second edition for the iC MERS.

From May 21, 2021 to July 31, 2021 All day

Each "Carnot" labelled institute receives an annual "Carnot" funding contribution based on its contractual research turnover.

The funding allows to finance projects and actions aiming to develop the scientific and technological resources of the Carnot institutes, their professionalisation, the development of socio-economic partnerships and integration to the Carnot network.

The resourcing projects concern any action carried out by a Carnot Institute in order to maintain or develop its scientific lead on a given theme or subject compared to the industrial state of the art.

This can be a research project, a proof of concept, a prototype development, the setting up of an experimental platform, etc. The expenses financed by the funding contribution are investment costs, operating costs and temporary personnel costs.

Projects can be submitted on the ID'MERS collaborative platform, which is open to all iC MERS members, and where everyone can submit their project, but also consult and contribute to other projects.

The projects selection will be based on their coherence with the 3 axes of the iC MERS (Safe, Smart & Sustainable Marine Engineering) and their ambition in terms of developing the institute's partnership offer for the maritime industry.

The selection committee will ensure a balanced distribution of the funding in relation to the revenues generated by each institution, while leaving the possibility of encouraging particularly relevant projects.

Find out more about the 8 projects selected during the 2020 call

The 1st call for projects of the Carnot Institute MERS was open from October 15 to November 15, 2020. The selection committee designated, on 25 January 2021, the 8 winning projects.

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Published on May 25, 2021 Updated on May 25, 2021