Collaborative research

An integrated offer tailored to suit the requirements of all businesses, from start-up to corporation

Our teams are already working on anticipating the transformation, innovation, and R&D projects of businesses of all categories and stature.

Businesses are the daily partners of our laboratories. Each year, more than 10,200 direct R&D contracts are signed between businesses and Carnot institutes, not to mention numerous collaborative R&D projects (as part of European programmes, ANR thematic programmes, competitiveness clusters, etc.).

Bilateral R&D projects are subject to tailor-made contracts lasting from weeks to years, and ranging from €k to €m.

Collaboration with Carnot includes:
  • Bilateral R&D projects,
  • Consultancy and expertise,
  • Technology platforms,
  • Collaborative R&D projects,
  • Pooled laboratories
Published on October 23, 2020 Updated on October 23, 2020